A place to contribute for people over 60

You will find the Café Lebenslust (Lebenslust translates to something like ‚zest for life‘) downstairs in Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Mombachstraße 12. 
As an intercultural gathering place it offers activities for people over 60 years of age. Activities like consulting services, educational opportunities and leisure offerings are provided. The café addresses people who want to participate, get to know others and are looking for new impulses, perspectives and suggestions. All propositions are accessible and free of charge, designed to empower the participants in all matters concerning the process of getting older.

Café Lebenslust offers: 

  • Consulting services: social counselling and migration consulting; financial advice and advisory for debtors; job- and application coaching; help with motions and affairs concerning public authorities 
  • Education: language promotion; workshops about how to use the internet and how to deal with digitality; workshops covering physical and mental health; information events about the process of getting older in general
  • Leisure: cooking; crafts; repair cafe; excursions; art- and culutral offers 
  • Networking: public place for exchange and encounters; a place to get to know and link with other people and things; connections to other actors of the district are made; introduction of civil dedication; intergenerational encounters 

Café Lebenslust wants to: 

  • …improve quality of life 
  • …live cultural diversity 
  • …enable a self-determined, energetic and healthy aging process 
  • …counteract social isolation 
  • …enhance financial backstop in old age 
  • …open up new perspectives on everyday life 
  • …promote social participation of elderly people

We are looking forward to meeting you!!
Your team Café Lebenslust

The project  „Café Lebenslust - Beratung, Begegnung und Beteiligung“ is funded by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend and by the Europäische Union-Europäischer Sozialfonds Plus (ESF Plus) within the framework of„Stärkung der Teilhabe älterer Menschen – gegen Einsamkeit und soziale Isolation“.

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